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  1. Welshy40
    Mmm possibly my car, since i started many have based their design on mine. You can do either a tub as fibrelyte still make it or my narrower one or whatever suits your style. The cf gearbox plates also get made by them but you need to locate a couple of packs of LA112 to build the rear gearbox and a cf motor plate from fibrelyte with countersinks on the plate where the gearbox screws come through from L brace as i reversed to give more space to fit a vts slipper clutch. Youll need alcyons layshaft as well, it was fun designing that.
  2. Crashtest33
    Lol. Thought so!
    What’s the current rare but not impossible kyosho build?
  3. Welshy40
    Hi Nick, hope all is well. Youd probably find it impossible, yes i copied the flat bits with fibrelyte but spares are impossible to find, kyosho have non either. If your looking to run it dont waste your time, its fragile, more so than tamiya plastic kits, gearboxes snap due to chassis flex and various other issues occur as well, plus car is awful on high grip and more suited to dust clay tracks. You could pick a built one up between 500 up to 1200 if one becomes for sale.
  4. Crashtest33
    Hi mate.
    Nick here from the 'good 'ol days'! lol
    Hope you're well?
    I wanted to build another ZX-S (Evo) and wondered if it's now impossible?

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