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  1. Jamie B4
    Jamie B4
    Hi mate thanks for all the help on weekend, really enjoyed the weekend it'sself. Just wish I could get it together and supprise myself and others. Had a great time when I was chilled out and can you thank your dad for his help

    See you soon

  2. Jamie B4
    Jamie B4
    Hi mate,

    Thanks for the help on the weekend - didn't really do you any justice cos still think there are loads of issues with the cars, so going to try and iron out a few this week. When you get a chance have a think about what you think i need to do to the cars and if and when would be best for you this saturday cos may take about a hour and a half to get there. Chris Cocker said in the final my 4WD back was too soft and trying to compensate for the fact that my front end was too stiff and not doing anything - thanks again and see you soon.


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