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  1. discothesnake
    Hi Tom, thanks for the set up info you put my way. Just got my B max-4 ii from Japan and i will be running at the oOple Inverational later this month. Having never run at Robin Hood, could you give me a good starting set up for there? Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Yardeeee
    Hi Dave,

    If you look in the setups pages of the Yokomo section on here, the latest set up from me is basically my standard set up - however I usually use Purple front spring in high grip and if there is a lot of bumps drop down to a pink rear. I almost always use a 1.2mm rear roll bar, but on the front you may want to use a 1.0mm.

  3. discothesnake
    Hi Tom, after running a b-max4 last year i could'nt resist and bought another FT. Loving it but i could do with some set up help. I am running on bumpy grass/astro mix. Any ideas to get it dialed. Appreciate any help you could throw my way.


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