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  1. Danny Harrison
    Danny Harrison
    I've ran it once outdoors but had limited parts to test set up. To be honest, it was still very close to my 44 in terms of performance and ease to drive. It did over rotate a little off power but I was on purely kit set up.

    Indoors it was nothing short of awesome on kit set up. I literally had a grin on my face all night and was even doing mad drifting for the sheer fun of it.

    I'm very happy and have just got delivery of the various springs and roll bars I need to set it up right. Id take a punt if I were you

    In terms of build quality and maintenance its head and shoulders above
  2. gazhillAE
    Yo! You've ran both cars now haven't you, tell me what you prefer and what are the differences! I'm seriously considering a bmax 4!

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