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  1. TeamHypeRacing
    What front shock tower are you running ?, and is that a rear mud guard ??
  2. TeamHypeRacing
    Mines similar, I've got the MIP "Pucks" TLR 22 Drive System, Lunsford Turnbuckles, Aluminum Rear Hub, Avid RC "Mod" Triad Slipper Clutch, Avid Vented Motor Plate, 3 Low Roll Center Toe Plate, Stainless Steel Screw Kit, JConcepts Front Carbon Fiber Shock Tower, Xtreme Racing Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Tower Brace, Aluminum Front Camber Block, Aluminum Mid Motor Rear Camber Block, Aluminum Trailing Spindle Set, JConcepts Front Axle Conversion.

    Mine started as a 22 a few years ago, but since i was so new to the hobby, my first time driving it was inside a port by the sea (pretty stupid, i know ), and in the first few seconds it ended up in the sea and pretty much fried and oxidised everything so i thought why not completly rebuild it into a 22 2.0
  3. Ojnemo
    Hi glad you like it, I have the 22 2.0 front end castors, alloy spindles, threaded pins, 22 2.0 steering rack, 22 2.0 front arms, alloy front camber block, alloy hinge bracket, alloy kick up spacer, alloy servo mounts, alloy servo horn,jconcepts front axle conversion, 22 2.0 battery cover, cream weight, alloy rear hubs, alloy wing mount, +0.75 hexes, gold bling spacers throughout. I think that's it upto now, oh and the forward cab, loving the tlr 22. What's your mods
  4. TeamHypeRacing
    Love the 22, what option parts did you get for it ?

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