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  1. Garry Spice
    Garry Spice
    im using a futaba 9602...but the hole on the right hand side is miles away from where it should be.had to drill a new one!!! cant find any info anywhere to see if its right!
  2. Garry Spice
    Garry Spice
    matt,just what 12th are you running? i got a r5 but the holes for the servo are miles out! is this right?
  3. Garry Spice
    Garry Spice
    hi mate,i hear you used to write for a kart mag??? how do i get my arse into a real kart not an arrive and drive.i finshed 3rd at buckmore the other week from 29th on the grid(reverse grid-34 karts in total).
  4. MattADH
    of course
  5. Garry Spice
    Garry Spice
    matt,just got your book.any chance of an autograph sunday???

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