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Bluestreak 17-11-2018 04:50 PM

Well its been a while
I've been out of the game for quite a while but a new job means I should now have some time to go racing again. Sitting on my shelf are a Mad Monkey and an old but modified Mardave Cobra.

under the thick layer of dust the monkey seems to have bigbore shocks, carbon front shock tower, and an aftermarket front alloy piece in the nose with turnbuckles all round.

13.0 turn brushless motor in the back and I've found a couple of lipo stick packs.

If I remember rightly it was the Cobra that I got handling the best but im thinking the monkey is probably the best thing to get back on track in anger.

I guess the question after all this rambling is:

How are the monkeys holding up on track these days as a club racer. and are spares still in good supply?

Also any must have hop up to help them reach their full potential?

I'll have to get some fresh tyres i guess. It currently has some Dboots Multibytes in A compound and generic ribs on the front. I'm guessing shumacher staggers should probably go on the front? looks like my local tack is now outdoor astroturf.

fidspeed 18-11-2018 06:55 PM

Ansmann was "dropped" or ceased to be supported a while ago luckily there were rebranded as "team C" and supported by Absima Europe

Again support is sporadic probably find spares on eBay is easiest solution

Race what you have but would suggest looking for later release from any of major brands
Associated, yokomo,Schumacher kyosho x-ray which have better spares accessibility

Regards Dave

terry.sc 19-11-2018 01:30 AM

The Ansmann Mad Monkey was manufactured by Team C and sold in Europe by Ansmann. Ansmann pulled out of the rc market and the managers of Ansmann Germany left and set up Absima. The Mad Monkey was a rebadged Team C Lupuz, the base version of the Team C TR02c. Team C still sell an updated version of the TR02c, and spares are readily available but there aren't many shops stocking parts.

Searching Modelsport for past numbers will find a lot of parts are still in shock there. Also check out EuroRC, they stock all parts, postage is very cheap and delivery is fast. https://www.eurorc.com/category/62/teamc-tc02c--t2c

Bluestreak 19-11-2018 12:45 PM

That's great information thanks guys.

Ashlandchris 19-11-2018 11:01 PM

You will also find many of the parts are interchangeable with the TeamC Jekyll. Main difference being that the Jekyll was rear motor layout with mad monkey / lupuz was mid motor. I think gearbox and chassis are different but arms, shocks, front end etc are the same.
Team c also do 2 ranges of spares a standard and a competition. Comp stuff apparently has higher carbon content so is a bit more durable.
There are quite a lot of aluminium “hop ups” for the tco2 such as the part you mention (front castle? I think you referred to) - eg hubs and various other bits. Used to be in a nice smoke grey, but think there were also some green anodised parts from Ansmann?

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