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Tommy T SRCC 15-01-2018 06:26 PM

SRCC racing on 21/1/18
On behalf of SRCC we would like to welcome everybody to our club day meeting at the Ian Robinson Sports Hall, Merchant Taylors School, L23 0QP.

This update is slightly different from the usual.
Several of our regular racers won't be with us today which means we really do need everybody's help in laying and putting away the track.

Today we can enter the sports hall at 8.45.
In order to get in as much racing as possible we need everybody's help in laying and putting away the track.

Can I also respectfully ask & remind everybody:

* You must be a member of the BRCA in order to race with us.
* Cars must be parked in Parking Bays, do not block access for Emergency Vehicles.
* Control Rear Tyres. Block Tyres only must be used on the rear driven wheels.
* Shock Protectors must be used on the front tower of RC Cars.
* Inside the Sports Hall, Keep Fire Exit Clear, min 8 ft clearance when pitting.
* Pitting, put your chairs on the carpet & tables on the floor.
* RC batteries must be charged in a suitable bag or container. If not, you will be asked
to leave.
* All 12 volt batteries must be kept in a suitable container and not placed on the floor
or carpet.
* The Sports Hall and School Grounds are a no smoking area.

If you bring younger children with you, you are responsible for them and they must be supervised at all times. We rent the Sports Hall only, children are not allowed to play in the corridor and upper floor.

Thanks for your help & assistance.
Tommy & the Committee

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