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jimlee 29-11-2013 09:58 PM

CVMCC 2013 Autumn Championship
Ballygawleys Neil Suitor came out on top as the Winner of a very competitive Autumn Championship. He took the Title with his Durango ahead of Schumachers Richard Hyland and Davy McClean taking the final step on the podium in 3rd with his Xray just holding off a strong challenge from JamesJoel Crawford in 4th. Driver of the Championship has to go to Harry Whiteside who took 5th ahead of James Robinson in 6th.
The Novice Championship was a battle between the two “young guns” James Robinson and Harry Whiteside. Harrys excellent qualifing with his Durango and “A” Final appearances rewarded him with the Title with James 2nd and Donovan Abernethy 3rd who actually scored more points than anyone in the 12 Rounds before the dropped rounds. Joshua Robinson was our Top Primary School driver


L to R.....Richard Hyland, Neil Suitor and David McClean


L to R.....James Robinson, Harry Whiteside and Donovan Abernethy

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