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CharlieF 27-02-2011 07:01 PM

National Entry Closing Date 16th March 2011
BRCA 1/10th Off-Road National Series 2011 Championship.

Please note that the CLOSING DATE for receipt of entries for the above Championship Series is 16th March 2011.

In this space I had hoped to copy the Entry Form for ease of reference but my skills are insufficent so the best I can do is give a walk through how to obtain one.

Here goes:

1 go to www.brca.org
2 click: Site Navigation - select: Sections
3 click: 1/10th Off-Road - select: 2011 Series Race Entry
4 click: BRCA 1/10th Off-Road National Championship 2011 - Entry Form
5 Print form.

As there is only 17 days until entry closing I would urge that all drivers intending to enter the series should do so quickly. While I am at it, I would also remind drivers that they need to have renewed their BRCA Licence in time for the closing date.

All the best for the new National Season.

Charlie Fraser
Sec. BRCA 1/10th Off-Road Section.

Dudders 27-02-2011 07:34 PM

Direct Link: http://www.brca.org/sites/default/fi...0Entry2011.pdf

CharlieF 27-02-2011 07:53 PM

Thanks for that Dudders - well done

CharlieF 10-03-2011 05:01 PM

Hi Guys.
Heard from the entry secretary today and she tells me that up to 30 of our usual National competitors at F1 and F2 have not yet entered for the 2011 series.

As this is the final reminder I will put on here please be aware that entries must be with the entry secretary by Wednesday 16th March. That is only 5 posting days left to get those entries off.

If things stay as they are the Series will still be oversubscribed but a lot more F5 drivers are going to be lucky this year.

Charlie Fraser
Sec. BRCA 1/10th Off-Road Section.

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