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Timee80 02-11-2010 09:41 PM

Which brushless conversion kits to buy
I will soon be acquiring a hong nor x1cr and want to convert it to brushless straight away. I know there are various companies that do brushless conversion kits but are some better than others? Where should i be buying from too?:eh?:
Many thanks

gazc 25-01-2011 12:41 PM

i've got an ansmann conversion kit for my x1 http://www.fusionhobbies.com/Ansmann...r127000100.htm

fitted fine no problem, just need to tweak the position of the battery holder as running 2 packs interferes with the shell

mikerobinson83 25-01-2011 06:58 PM

the best kit will allways be the manufacture's kit,these will require no mods and should bolt straight in and usualy have a sealed reciever box, however if there isn't one then the ansmann kits are good for the price (around 40) and require no chassis mods, however they do place the battery at the back and this means all the weight is at the back of the car and the car will try to push through the corners giving a little understear.Rc monster will do a conversion kit and aswell but i have no experiance with these.

there are companies that will also do exceptional conversions and they include a complete new chassis, tekno (check spelling) do a very good conversion of this type for the d8 and it offsets the chassis to one side to account for the extra weight of the battery however i think this works out to be 100+

the other option is to make a conversion,you can use a piece of aluminium angle (3mm thick minimum i would say) to make a motor mount that bolts to your centre diff in the same place as the break disc does, this will require fixing to the chassis under the motor to make it rigid, this is the cheapest option but it wins no prizes for looking good

dont forget you will need a new shell if you were running a nitro before, velcro on the bottom should secure it to the chassis and stop most of the crud getting to your electrics

basically get the best you can afford, as long as the motor mount is stiff, and of a good quality you cant go wrong

sorry to write an essay, and hope this helps

Timee80 25-01-2011 09:03 PM

I ended up with the ansmann kit and to be honest im quite impressed with it. Ive not raced the buggy yet but will hopefully do so soon. At the minute ive just mounted a standard nitro body shell. What should i use to best cover / protect from the dirt that will get in? or where can i get an electric version shell?
Ive got the ezrun brushless combo with the 2250kv motor and ive put a 12t pinion on it to start with. Is this a decent starting point?. The kit also came with a 15t pinion, which one sounds more suitable???
These are the only pinions i have at the minute and dont want to buy more until i know which sort of size i really need.

mikerobinson83 26-01-2011 12:06 AM

get a clear nitro shell and dont cut out where the motor and fuel tank cutouts that what i did on my rc8 (usually there is only an electric shell if they make a leccy version of the car), i use velcro to attach my shell to the side of my chassis, if dirt and water still get in the n block the gaps with a guard of some description plastic milk bottles work well

will post pics of my conversion in the buggy pic thread when i have soldered in my esc at the weekend

simoncrabb 26-01-2011 12:16 AM

Of course, you can seal your electrics with Lazy Goo!


mikerobinson83 26-01-2011 12:18 AM

sorry for the double post but edit button does not seem to work :thumbdown:

as for pinion size,
more teeth = higher top end (for tracks with long straights)
less teeth = better acceleration

you should aim to be at max speed for the final part of the straight, if you are not at top speed by then you are sacrificing acceleration for speed that you are not using.

using too small of a pinion will cause you motor/esc to get hot (i think) and this is not a good thing.

disclaimer - i am new to brushless myself if at any point in trying to help you i have made a mistake i am sure someone will pipe up and let you know

hope this helps mike

Hyper-1983 26-01-2011 09:23 AM

Using the rc monster motor mount in my losi 8ight t 2.0 conversion! No complaints about quality and fits perfectly! Using this combined with the losi conversion kit! They also do custom battery boxes for your requirements ! Worth a look! Also sure that castle creations does a conversion for the x1cr! The rc monster forum is a good resource for all things brushless!

Hope this is of help!

jasonwipf 28-01-2011 09:47 PM

The RC monster mount works fine. But if you have that mount and the Elite RCD mount and use them both for even a short period of time. There is NO going back to RC monster.

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