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Hey Miggers,

Interested to see how you mod the B3 arms.

I couldn't get the original gearbox to work with my brushless setup, it was stock with no slipper clutch so not surprising that the diff slipped. Tried fitting the B4 outdrives to the original diff, but they made the original diff too wide and the original gearbox didn't go back together so went with the MadRat graft mod.

Took me two attempts, original gearbox was cut wrong, but I learnt a lot from that first attempt. Fortunately Mardave still sell the gearbox so I had a second chance to get it right.

The new gearbox sits inside the old gearbox, I used a Dremel to grind away parts from the old and new gear box to get a good fit.

So far it's working pretty well, I drilled the original chassis and bolted the old gearbox and new gearbox together which held the back pretty securely. To hold the front of the new gearbox in place I drilled two holes in the old gearbox which lined up with the original gear box front mounts using a rod inserted through the whole assembly to hold the front in place.

My Cobra has some play in the front wheels and rear. When reversing it can sway backwards and forwards, is this normal and if not anything which can be done to fix it?
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