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I still get asked a fair bit about my cobra. Itís currently in bits in the cupboard and hasnít been used in years. Iíll put it back together and run it or sell it. The bearings can be obtained from a bearing supplier. I modified my outdrives to accept b4 diff plates and thrust bearing but because my diff halves were cobra se ones they were too soft and needed replacing every few meetings so I then used b4 diff halves. I managed to get a good reliable gearbox eventually but then needed to find new driveshafts as they became the weak link. I used tamiya ones. All mods were done to make the car brushless friendly as mardave were planning a new cobra called the cobra evo which was to replace the cobra se. Take it from me, if you want a cobra to modify and race you need an early car like the cobra tq. The diff halves were much harder and the alloy chassis is made better than the cobra se chassis.
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