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It's been a while, but there is some exciting news to share about the FF210!

1. Early last year, the FF210 was featured in the Japanese magazine 'RC World', and the article was featured once more in the 'Top 100 of 2016!'

2. As already posted on Facebook, some new upgrades were developed over the last months to further improve performance. First off are aluminium-filled sidepods to reduce flex, increasing stability and inspiring more confidence particularly in high-grip conditions.

Multi-axle steering arms, enabling the use of the DEX210V3's axles and increasing the steering angles by 5 degrees to reduce cornering radius and improve performance in tight tracks & sections.

LWB (+8mm) rear suspension arms, increasing stability and performance particularly in high-grip conditions and flowing tracks.

Some running changes will be introduced into new kits and spare parts. The front & rear bulkheads are updated with the goal to make the car easier to work on. In addition, by using M3 nuts to thread the screws into instead of into the plastic itself, there no longer is a risk of stripping threads.

4. Last but not least, in the last months there have been several successes with the FF210, amongst which scoring wins at the second and third round of the MAC Vlijmen Winter Championship.


3D Printing Upgrade Parts - FF210 Buggy
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