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I'm not sure you're ever going to clean up SC racing. I've raced at club level since SC came out and at Nationals at Mendip for the last 2 years and this years was probably the roughest racing I've ever been involved in .. !!!

Still thought it was great though

As an alternative to what has been said before, how about go the opposite way and embrace a bit of the argy bargy that we all seem to enjoy and try the full sized RallycrossRX way of running a meeting.

I think the basics of it are, small heats, maybe 6 cars, all set off at the same time, and you get points for the place you finish. 4 heats racing against different drivers each time, points added up to give the final positions.

I'm sure theres some details I've left out but you get the general idea ... I reckon it would work great
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