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I am very new to the rc racing scene. I only get my first car, a buggy in June. And my tekno the begining of august. I'm still not 100% on all the rules and regs yet. Let alone the point system.
But I really enjoyed the only 2 rounds I did.
Its a great down to earth atmosphere . I will be attending some meets next year but not all. Which leads me to the points issue. And why people who attend all the meets loose out. Couldn't there be bonus points awared for each meet attended? 25 points given to every meet regardless of racing. So someone going to all 7 meets would gain an extra 75 points compared to someone who only went to 4?
I agreed with the AGM about 8 trucks on the grip, 10 just seemed too many. But I do like the 6 mins heats.
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