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Default transponders

Hi Mate
The best transponders are the AMB MyLaps as they will work anywhere you take them, this is simply because the decoders are AMB (most clubs run RC3 or RC4 Decoders)as is the software that they run(at most clubs). MRT hybrids will work at most tracks and are good but if AMB decide to update software as they have done in the past then the MRT can stop working until MRT release a fix.

The AMB 'PETE' is the older version which is slightly bigger than the newer ones but will work anywhere you take it, you can't buy these new anymore but used they range from 40/60

The AMB 'Harry' (2 wires)is the next model along from PETE, this is a smaller transponder which is what most racers use, they are small and will work anywhere you take them. New from BBK software 102, you can find them used for around 60/70

The AMB 'PERCY' is the latest release BUT it will ONLY work on RC4 decoders, SHRCCC run an RC3 decoder so it WILL NOT work. These to buy new are 75, used you can find them around 50/60

In the diagram I have attached the first 2 aren't used anymore, the one in the middle is 'PETE', the next one along is 'HARRY' and the last one is 'PERCY'.

Percy & Harry look very similar the only thing to distinguish them easily is that Harry has 2 wires & Percy has 3.
If you do need any of the above I have used ones available.

Hope this helps
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