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Another GT14B thread revival, but I have to say thanks to whoever wrote this originally, if they are still here, as after a lot of Googling this was one of the only helpful, still-relevant things I could find about this!

Others may have noticed that Carisma direct have been selling various cars off for crazy prices (still good even with shipping and taxes), which tempted me to buy a "ARR" GT14B Pro to go with my EMB-1, as a spare, and also as a spare for my daughter's GT14B sport (which was what got me into 1/16th in the first place). And also a GT16MT. I assume part of the silly prices was the need for saddle packs, so set about trying to find some lipos. From the list above, Maxamps still sell the 860mAh packs and I'm assuming would make up the 1290's as well if you asked, but they are uber-expensive and shipping is now $35 plus massive UPS "handling fees" and tax. That made the cheap price of the GT14B Pro ARR somewhat less cheap - but I have 3 cars that need saddle packs so fair enough.

However I did recently find (having spent full whack on the maxamps in the assumption they were the only choice!) that there is a Turnigy 750mAh nanotech pack which is 43x24x9.5mm and available with two output plugs, so plenty of cables for wiring in series and adding a balancing tap. They are cheap as chips, I have some and am about to give them a go. I bought my GT14B Pro for $100 but they were $50 a while after that, it makes for a decent value car if you have the bits needed (I put the ESC and motor from an EMB-1 in mine and found steel pinions at 13 and 14 tooth). Also if - like me - you just like all the shiny carbon fibre, green alloy shocks, and so on, it might make an interesting addition to the collection if they come back into stock (they only have the conversion kits right now). But batteries are do-able....

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