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Originally Posted by wombat1978 View Post
I'll be interested to see where you go for this - juts picked up a GT14B Pro kit myself and was wondering about lipo options

Had a look at the maxamps 860mah saddles, but the shipping cost and poor Australian Dollar (against the USD) doesn't make them a cheap proposition by any stretch!

Keep us posted
Been a bit busy with work, but the maxamps packs never arrived (indeed I must look into whether they ever refunded me!). They were sill money already then UPS wanted about $50 cash on the door when they delivered them, well more than double the sales tax and handling fee I was expecting. My wife was in, had no cash at the time, and that was the only attempt UPS ever made. Usually when I import stuff I get asked to pay the tax and handling fee online then it gets delivered. Weird.

However, I had success with some much cheaper Turnigy 1S 750mah packs wiring them together myself to make a 1500mah 2S. I basically turned this:

Into this, 3 times:

And they work really well. Indeed while it is difficult to find 1S cells that are not too long, these ones have loads of space (I use foam insers to stop them rattling about). The standard wires on the packs were very thin but they claim up to 30C discharge, and having 2 sets of wires on each helped me wire them with the balance wire easily. I now have the GT14B Pro and a GT16MT - both bought for peanuts - running really well, with Carisma ESC's, Carisma 4500kv motor on the GT14B Pro and stock EMB-1H motor on the MT, as I had one spare and thought that could use the torque. Both run really well, and the turnigy packs were less than 15 for the pair in each case. I would not say they are as good as premium "stick" 2S packs, especially for runtime, but for the motors I'm using they are great, giving me around 7-10 mins blatting about mostly at max chat.

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