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Originally Posted by wombat1978 View Post

Had a look at the maxamps 860mah saddles, but the shipping cost and poor Australian Dollar (against the USD) doesn't make them a cheap proposition by any stretch!

Keep us posted
Just on the MaxAmps front, I would seriously avoid them! I looked into where my batteries had got to, and was told I had refused to take delivery from UPS (I hadn't - they made one attempt to deliver, insisting on cash at the door for the import fees with no warning, my wife who was in at the time had no cash, they said they would try again). MaxAmps have refused to either credit me, or attempt to get UPS to deliver again, so I paid over $100 US (which was a total ripoff already, I only ordered them as I could not find any other packs that would fit) for nothing.

I'm not sure how consumer law works in the US, in the UK the sender is responsible until the goods turn up.
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