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Originally Posted by wombat1978 View Post
Good work on the battery front man - I ended up getting some 2s dualsky Lipos, hooked up with a parallel harness (800mah each -> 1600mah total).

They are a touch too long though by 2-3 mm to fit in the standard batt holder without squishing, so have to modify the battery holders a touch with a dremel (and remove body posts), and ditch the top battery holder plate and opt for a velcro strap to hold them in place.

Yet to get my car sorted out (have all the bits) as wife just had a baby and also dealing with a 2 year old!

I'll try a post up some pics when I get a chance

Thanks for the response! Bummer about Maxamps though
Luckily for me I paid for the Maxamps via PayPal and they agreed wi me re: consumer law so I got refunded. Good service from PayPal actually.

I've been enjoying my Gt14B pro and MT but have yet to even link two of my Homemade packs together to make 1500 mah - I will, there should be plenty of room, though there will be cables everywhere! I have foam slock tyres on the 14B pro now as it has much worse dirt shielding than the EMB-1 or the 14B MT so has become my on-road basher.

Do you have a link to the 800mah's you have used? I've been looking again for bigger packs recently. My original battery life estimates were optimistic - I get 6 mins from both cars with lots of high speed running, with 4500kv motors and conservative pinions. I'd like to try a 5700kv that I have spare in the 14b pro. I have recently tried a couple of these:

and they fit the 14B pro but not the normal 14B chassis out of the box, and seem to work really well, not a nano-tech however.

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