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Post Tyre Info for SHRCCC Astro High Grip Track

This is information for what 2WD tyres to run at SHRCCC, which is a high traction astroturf track:

Dry Rear: Schumacher Mini Spike - Yellow compound or Schumacher Dart - Yellow Compound
Dry Front: Schumacher Cut Staggers Low Profile - Yellow compound

Wet Rear: Ballistic Buggy Mini Spike - Green compound
Wet Front: Schumacher Cut Staggers Low Profile - Silver compound.

Make sure you use the correct tyres for the conditions. I've learnt that to my cost as wet tyres wear out very quickly in the dry and being on a tight budget, this is not healthy to your wallet. So only use your wet tyres once the conditions are slippery enough!

Have a look at other people's cars to see how the low profile cut staggers are mounted, as they look a bit odd at first glance!

Foam inserts
Dry Rear - Medium compound
Dry Front - if running yellow cut staggers, no foams.

Wet Rear - Soft compound if you can find them. If not, Mediums will work fine.
Wet Front - Soft compound if you can find them. If not, Mediums will work fine.

The front wheels I purchase are wider than the tyres, as they no longer sell narrow front wheels for the 2WD's, so I cut off the inner third of plastic, making sure to leave the lip for the tyre to be glued to.

You'll need to glue all your tyres onto your wheels. Use tyre glue specifically designed for this purpose, or Super Glue if you are in a pinch. Tyre glue is a very thin type of Super Glue, available from any R/C shop.

You may need the use of a sharp knife or Dremel style tool to remove the bits of rubber left on the wheels where the tyre was super glued on. Depending on how old you are, ASK A RESPONSIBLE ADULT TO DO THIS FOR YOU.

Obviously, with the tyres glued onto the wheels, you need to be able to remove them so you can re-use the wheels and inserts. There are numerous ways to remove the tyres when they are fully glued on, from letting them soak in acetone for a couple of days in a sealed glass jar, to steaming them over water for an hour, to boiling them for a few minutes (Use an appropriate container that will not be used to prepare food), to putting them in the oven at 160 degrees for a few minutes (If you're a junior, your mum won't thank you for trying this method... actually, whatever age you are, I doubt anyone in your household will appreciate you using the oven like this!). The other option would be to find a job lot of wheels cheap on somewhere like eBay to save yourself the hassle!

All of this is just advice from my own experience and gleaned from others. If you don't know, ask!

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