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Like the idea of the rod.Mine has a custom machined alloy block at the front that uses
the Rat box front holes and then is bolted to the chassis.

I found that the suspension mounting on what was left of the Cobra box far too wobbly as was,so that was why I then went for a custom alloy mount and homebrewed alloy rear shock tower.

Much firmer and it allows the shocks/springs to do what they should.

As you've seen,mine also has a complete B3 front end on it with a custom top brace.
No wobbles or play and it goes where I want it to.

I have a B3 manual downloaded and the dimensions for the hole spacing for the B3 3-3's,so it's a matter
of stripping the back end down,marking,drilling and fitting,then take the chassis to work and get
all the not needed holes welded up.

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