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Default LRP Flow/Nosram Comet 13.5 Boosted Settings

I have had a look and this question has been asked a couple times previously on this forum but no answers, so don't mind being pointed in the direction of another forum that might have a few more guys into touring cars which may be able to help.

I have recently started running 13.5 boosted touring cars using a Nosram Comet HD with a 13.5 Reedy Sonic Mach 2.

The issue I am having is that currently I am lacking a bit of speed on the straight.

I am using the v4.7 of the software for modified on-road racing, so first question is, should I be using v5.4 for stock racing?

My current settings are:


Running an FDR of 6.8

Motor temperature seems is fine, I don't have a temp gauge but I can touch the motor quite comfortably after a 5min run and am not running a fan on the motor.

I am not using any torque timing as I am not using X20/Pure 2 motors as recommended in the manual but this shouldn't effect overall speed.

I have tried a friends car to compare and you can really feel the turbo kick in on the straight, it just keeps accelerating, mine seems to peak about 1/3 of the way down.

I have searched around online but can only find settings for modified motors.

I feel like trying another motor or esc to see if one of those is the issue.
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