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the best kit will allways be the manufacture's kit,these will require no mods and should bolt straight in and usualy have a sealed reciever box, however if there isn't one then the ansmann kits are good for the price (around 40) and require no chassis mods, however they do place the battery at the back and this means all the weight is at the back of the car and the car will try to push through the corners giving a little understear.Rc monster will do a conversion kit and aswell but i have no experiance with these.

there are companies that will also do exceptional conversions and they include a complete new chassis, tekno (check spelling) do a very good conversion of this type for the d8 and it offsets the chassis to one side to account for the extra weight of the battery however i think this works out to be 100+

the other option is to make a conversion,you can use a piece of aluminium angle (3mm thick minimum i would say) to make a motor mount that bolts to your centre diff in the same place as the break disc does, this will require fixing to the chassis under the motor to make it rigid, this is the cheapest option but it wins no prizes for looking good

dont forget you will need a new shell if you were running a nitro before, velcro on the bottom should secure it to the chassis and stop most of the crud getting to your electrics

basically get the best you can afford, as long as the motor mount is stiff, and of a good quality you cant go wrong

sorry to write an essay, and hope this helps
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