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Ive been pretty Slack doing this in the past few months, but heres last weeks videos:

9/12/13 'B' Final

B Final Video

Pole: Ian Roberts / Carisma GTB
Second: Tony Stark / Losi Mini 8
Third: Robin Green / Losi mini 8
Fourth: David Vincent / Losi Mini 8
Fifth: Jon Faull / Carisma GTB

9/12/13 'A' Final

A Final Video

Pole: Mike Wright / Carisma GTB
Second: Jamie Armitage / Carisma GTB
Third: Bob Holloway / Carisma GTB
Fourth: Jimmy Whitehall / Losi Mini 8
Fifth: Sam Dimelow / Carisma GTB
Sixth: Jay Thorpe / LRP Shark
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