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Originally Posted by AndyG72 View Post
I bought a second hand Mugen which Iíve taken to a track twice, Iím not the best as expected but I love it.
With that Iím going to practice 4/5 times a week as I want to start racing mid November.
I have the basics, hex drivers, spare screws etc, air filters, glow plugs, and some bits and bobs, Iím in the process of getting a spare set of tyres and wheels.
Iím sort of tempted to get a Hudy set up or the Arrowmax, but the cost is putting me off so I thought about a camber gauge to use also as a toe in gauge.
I have the Mugen Mxbr7r which was Lee Martins old one before he changed sponsor and it is in mint condition, but parts are getting hard to find it seems so, with that I donít want to spend loads on spares because if I find myself actually competitive I will buy a new set up next year.
Also I used to use stick trans years ago and I wanted to try the wheel trans and I like it a lot so I bought a Absima CR3P, is it worth using it for the foreseeable future or upgrading but only if it will improve things.
I am also looking for the same here. If someone could help us beginners it would be great.

Thanks in advance,

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