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Originally Posted by jimmy View Post
The short bodies are only used on the front - the rear uses the normal longer bodies. Not sure if Tamiya produce a proper set yet (short and long together) as it's been a while.
I sold my TamTechs - I just wasn't racing at the time, but I wish I hadn't sold the GB02 as it was a really nice buggy and I'd put a lot of love into it.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the reply.
No, I haven't seen an aeration kit yet that has the correct combination... But no worries now, I picked up the short bodies. Appreciate the tip.

Too bad you sold'em off, fun stuff!! I've had my GB02 well over a year now, and did actually lose interest at one point since then, but now I've got several friends who are getting into it because it's fairly cheap, and we're having a blast!

Jamus, I agree... doesn't seem to be much going on with these cars outside of Japan. And yeah, man, here there are some hardcore nuts over these cars. Some of the home-job mods and precise calculations on set-up are incredibly amazing here. I've found some great blogs on the GB03, but all in Nihon-go. Most people here are running custom dual front shock set-ups on the GB03 chassis but with regular GB01 bodies attached. Looks slick, and with 4WD.
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