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Originally Posted by super__dan View Post
To weigh mine I have some digital kitchen scales to which I place a narrow peice of wood on as the scales aren't wide enough for the width of a car and reset to 0g. Then (and this is important) jack the other end of the car up to the same height so the car is level). Weight front, Weigh rear, add together for total weight.

This will likely be slightly different to if you just weighed the car in 1 go but should be pretty close. Using the totatl of front and rear axles added together should be marginally more accurate.
If i weigh my x6 in 1 go its 1510g. If I weigh the front and jack the back up so the car is level, then do the same with the rear and add them together I get 2250g total.

However the weigh distribution is 63.5% - 37.5%. Do I need the total weight to be 1740g weighing it in 1 go but getting a 35 - 65 split.

Also is it better to keep most of the weight central or at the extremeties?
Neil Adamson
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