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Thanks for the feedback Skidrow.
I have sent a message to the organisers and requested some more info so hopefully we'll hear back soon.

The timetable really depends on how many entrants turn up, but usually the order is something like:
Thursday afternoon folk start to arrive, the track team set up at the venue.
Friday morning - around 8 or 9am the track opens for practice.
In Germany where the race had a very busy entry list, qualifying started on Friday afternoon / evening. I think we finished at about 8pm in Langenfeld.
Saturday morning - usually around an 8am start (earlier if really busy), qualifying all day. Some finals run if the event is very busy. In Langenfeld it was a very late finish (about 10.30pm) but is expected to finish earlier in Austria and Dortmund.
Sunday - finals. Early start again, around 8am, but with the aim to finish at a reasonable time to allow for travelling home.
Main thing to consider with Austria is with the 1.5hour drive to the airport, plus 2 hour check in, you'd probably be looking at flying after 9pm if you were staying right to the end. I've booked Monday off for travelling back as it'd be a shame to go all that way then miss out on the trophy photos.

I did hear that the nearby accommodation is not major hotel chains, not sure how true this is. I will have a look around and see what I can find.

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