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Hi Guys,

Scotty here and it is nice to see the thread going for the EOS. It has been awesome having Jimmy and Vicky joining us and giving us their unique coverage on the EOS. I love it!

I will try and answer any questions I can. I ask that if you have any questions to also email me at This is easiest for me as I do travel a lot and I cannot always get online to check the forums, so email always reaches me and I can reply very promptly.

For Transponders, we have updated our decoders and they do not recognize the MRT. If you have MRT's we will again have a great deal to upgrade to the new transponders or we will have transponders you can use for the weekend so you don't have to buy any if you don't want.

Mrs oOple has things covered nicely for the schedule, I also am checking on the accommodations for you to find out what options there are for you guys. We do have a special setup with the hotel we are staying at and I will get the price and information on the deal we have for racers.

Thanks for the interest in the EOS, It has been a great start to the season and the final 2 rounds are going to be very exciting.

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