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Originally Posted by timoxx4 View Post
I am finding the same. Just bought a 4 III and first run on the weekend and it had a tone of steering and was also very loose and sliding in the rear. Kit setup basically with 2wd stagger ribs front and mini pins rear in yellow compound. Med/High grip indoor Carpet.

When you guys talk about 5mm of limiters in the front shocks are you saying 5 of the little Yokomo shock limiters ? Or an actual measured 5mm worth of shims ? As 5 of the Yokomo limiters would only be 4mm measured as they are only 0.8mm thick each. Kit has 2 in the front. I just put 5mm worth in and now I pretty much have no droop at all.

Is that right ? Seems like a very extreme droop reduction. Excessively so.
Yes i use 5x 0.8mm yokomo droop washers in each front shock. I have also used 6x indoors on flat tracks, and 4x on bumpy outdoor, but preferred 5x.
Rear has 3x to stop shafts popping out.

It's not excessive. Ive seen similar amounts used on B44.x cars.
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