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Originally Posted by Allan1875 View Post
Right, I was starting to seriously doubt what I believed to be correct after this thread and it was starting to get really confusing. I decided to do some reading on the subject and also spoke to Cockers about it.

After all that:

In theory, wider = more grip, however in reality it tends to translate as more stable. Narrower = more reactive, which gives the impression of more grip, however I believe in the grand scheme it will be less.

This now makes sense. If you try the YZ2 on Astro with stock arms, you will notice that it is extremely reactive. Stick the BMAX arms on and it is far more stable and much easier to drive.

This would also make sense with the YZ2 arms on the BMAX. Less grip without making the car too sensitive.

This also explains why you found the wider arms better Neal.

Now I need to get myself some track time for testing. I do love this stuff about racing, everyday is a school day.
That's awesome, and explains it perfectly. I don't have Lee's thumbs, so less reactive is better for me ;-)
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