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What surface are you running on? That will likely influence what people advise, as well as knowing what others run at your local club as that can help with set up advice, spares etc.
I run a standard yz2 with some options such as lay down gearbox and I think it is superb. Obviously Yoke also do yz2 in a number of guises for different surfaces (CA for high grip, dt for low grip and the latest dtm which I must admit I'm unsure what surface it is for).
All top manufacturers such as associated, X-ray, Losi all have current cars and all are pretty resilient and quick. I see Schumachers going fast, but they also seem to be fragile so I've always steered clear. Others may argue.

I'm a Yoke driver and they have plenty of customisation for the yz2 as well as it being strong so that gets my vote!
I've got Araldite and a Swiss Army Knife - what more do I need?

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