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Question from 1/10 to 1/8

Hi currently have an old reliable T4 from TA for my son which I bought as a broken chassis and rebuilt it to a nice Truggy for my son to use. And I have the HPI firestorm which I like and also works well.

Looking to see both to finance moving up to 1/8. Neither of us do racing so it is for fun bashing but where parts are widely available to upgrade or simply replace.

Ideally looking for a truggy with metrics screws etc cos imperial stuff is not for me. but that's just preference.

It's to mess around on tarmac, grass and gravel/sand when at the beach so if it had watreproof elements that would be really good.

Any suggestion?
RC10 B44 - for sale with new body and few parts
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RC Sailboats are also coooool
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