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Originally Posted by sim View Post
Thanks. I love the buggy. I'm done modding it. It's not the fastest on the carpet, but it's no slouch neither and it's hassle free RC. It follows us shopping (indoor track at one of the shopping centres), to family outings, to the park, on road trips, etc and I never do anything to it now other than charge the batteries.

yes, I agree, great appeal as a "set it and forget it" type of car... although I've managed to break 2 GB-01 front A-arms... GB-02 has been pretty solid.

I have to ask. On your link site, it says for widening the front track width you used pins from a "TL-01"?? Did you by chance mean "TT-01"? I was at a store today looking through parts and saw TT-01, but no TL01?
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