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Originally Posted by sim View Post
I used TL-01 hingepins (they call them suspension shafts). Tamiya part # 53301

I got mine from

But you got me curious, so I just looked up the downloadable TT-01 manual and they don't use hingepins with e-clips, but an even more primitive method (step screws).

hmmm, you're right.

But, the step-screws is not the problem. I saw some TT-01 pins mad by "Square R/C Sustain", a Japanese R/C mod part company, and they use E-clips, and seem very nice quality, but, the bad part is they are too short for GB-02.

TL-01 it is!

I just bought a GB-02 front end kit (#40551) for an old broken Hornet GB-1 I have too... freshen her back up... have to find some of those TL-01 pins for both the cars now.
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