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Hi Guys

Sorry Iím very late to this party but yes I use to race at the Maidstone club for 2-3 years with my brother Mark Mills.

I originally bought a Hotshot in 1986 and moved to Maidstone in 1987 when I talked my bro into buying a Kyosho Optima Pro so that we could go racing at Maidstone Car club. We started off racing at the Cornwallis school sports hall and then onto Allington, my brother Mark had a Daihatsu Fourtrak so we volunteered to pick up the Race HQ Ė caravan every Sunday morning and take it to and back from the Race grounds (as it couldnít be left there during the week).

I had a great time racing there and I soon found out the Hotshot, although a great car was not competitive and so soon bought a PB Maxima, but that proved very unreliable due to the excess of plastic used in itís construction. I then went on to race with a Yokomo Super Dogfighter YZ870c (one of the first in the country at the time Ė still have it in my collection an amazing car).

I also remember the move to West Malling Airfield which was a bit of a trek from Maidstone although an okay track and was always very jealous of the 1/8th IC rallycross guys whose cars looked amazing running at full pelt and for such long runtimes.

There were a great bunch of guys there and a golden age of RC cars released at the time which we were racing, such as the various CAT versions, the launch of the Tamiya Avante, PB Maxima, Optima Mid, Yokomo YZ870C etc.

Miss those days and whish I had kept going but I believe the race ground at West Malling was lost when they decided to build Kingshill Business Park.

Iím looking at getting back to club racing at Faversham hopefully soon and still live in Kent in a place called Challock which is about 15mins away.

Russell Mills
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