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Default Maidstone

Cant remember if we raced at Parkwood. It rings a bell....

Outdoors in my time was at Maidstone/Allington on an open space just off Castle Road -!8i6656

Indoors (Mini Stox and offroad - mainly just club racing) was at Cornwallis school on the way out to Linton.!3m1!1e3

Main guy who set it up originally was a guy called Harvey? Really nice guy. Some really good guys there. I remember a really nice guy called Steve who was an Ex Speedway racer (real motorbikes). Outdoors we hosted a few regionals and raced against Eastbourne, Eden Park, East Grindstead, Buckmore Park, and memory fails the others . It was in the era of Kevin Moore, the Ralls brothers and i'm sure many more that my memory cant recall.

Say hi if you remember anything about the club or me or my brother.

Duncan Pole

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If I have any stuff for sale you will find it here:-

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