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Try my one or really anyone of the ones for smooth astro on the petit site or in this thread.
I haven't changed a lot from the outdoor settings which is a suprise for me. Maybe Im just getting better

I worked a little more on my setup (3 posts up) and have 15% dragbrake and 2x10gm (20gm total)up front instead of 10 total.

Best change today was I tried a shorty foward in the battery hole and thought it worked really well. This will be my go to setup for now.

Still looking for a little more on power steering... suggestions?

I also tried the narrow bulkhead thinking that I might gain a heap more steering but wasn't any difference so went back to the standard.

I think that tires (slicks) are playing a big part with on power steering, but Im happy with how it is working out with it only being the second time on carpet with the yok
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