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CF with a kickup is possible, in fact you can make very complex shapes using carbon fibre, as you find on hypercars and F1 cars. 3D parts even as simple as a plate with an angle in it requires a mould and production process dedicated to that specific product. 2D designs you can simply machine from stock material which makes it a relatively cheap option.

As suggested by alex97, you could consider a design consisting of multiple parts. For instance, the ORB Forward uses a metal kickup plate and it is joined to a flat chassis by another chassis plate, as you can see in the manual (link). Another example: Exotek offered a CF +8mm chassis for the Team Durango DEX210, where they used an aluminium kickup block that mounted to the leading edge of the CF chassis using 4 screws (link).

3D Printing Upgrade Parts - FF210 Buggy
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