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Originally Posted by Bigdawgracer View Post
Hi, looking for a decent 2wd that doesn't break the bank.

Just looked and MB have sold out!

Are there any other VBC dealers in the UK who might have stock?

Does the DM2 have hex drives at the wheels and can it run saddle pack lipos?
Is the weak bulkhead still an issue?
I got the last one from MB - sorry!

Not sure who else stocks them at a good price but Hobby King sometimes have them (I think DM, not DM2) on sale staring with a 1XX.

They do run 12mm hex drives (I buy Schumacher pre-glued wheels/ tyres) and my DM bulkhead (presumably later type) held up in some huge crashes (snapping other plastic).

However... The DM2 metal chassis should be an improvement again.

Not sure about saddles - Will try and look in the instruction manual for you but I actually think it might as one of the selling points was that you could do almost anything in terms of cells.
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