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mmmmm ....
Unfortunately in Italy the 1/10 Ep scene is not wide as the 1/8 nitro one (both on and off road).

This because many RC drivers think that the Ep buggy are only toys .

However now things are changing because a lot of nitro user realize that the ep buggy are fun as the nitro one (thanks to the new 1/8 Ep class ).

1/10 Ep tracks are located far away from Aviano:

Collegno (in Tourin)

Vinovo (near tourin)

Assago (in Milan)

Varallo Pombia (near Novara)

Scandicci (near Florence)

Hope the next one is near my location !!

P.S. The Italian "oOple" forum is (if you post in english someone will reply .. ) and for the 1/8 Nitro !!!
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