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Old 29-06-2014
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Default Hobao H2 park set up

Hello all, my first post here. I thought I would share my experience with the Hobao H2 Pro, my first brushless buggy after having various nitro cars over the years. Sorry if this turns out to be a wall of text but my Mrs is fed up with me going on about it so I thought I should get my rambling out on here!

First off, I don't race so maybe the set up I have gone for is slightly unorthodox but it currently works well for me.

I have it set up 4 gear mid-motor.
Rear shock tower - Inside hole
Rear wishbone - middle hole
Front shock tower - middle hole
Front wishbone - middle hole

I think I have the 2 hole pistons all round with the kit 30wt oil and kit springs, it does feel slightly too stiff at the back so I will probably swap those springs with something a bit softer. (Any recommendations?)

I've binned the stock tyres from the rear, they seemed to offer very little grip on any surface that I drove on making the car very tail happy. I mostly drive the car on grass or dusty hard packed dirt car parks. Instead I have put Schumacher full spike yellows on the rear and mini spike yellows on the front with fastrax yellow inserts all round. The difference in grip is great now, acceleration and cornering have improved massively. Maybe too much grip for a race situation as under certain conditions the car will do a little wheelie on full throttle but it's great fun.

The front kick adjustment I have at -5 and the rear anti-squat I have as little as possible. I'm not sure of the actual setting as the anti-squat adjustment is convoluted and fiddly but I think it is at 0 degrees or maybe 1 degree, whatever, it handles nicely now and I don't intend on changing it anymore.

As for electrics, I have a Speed Passion Reventon Pro V1.1 and a Speed Passion V3 9.5 motor. I updated the ESC and program card to the latest firmware and I'm using the Mod2 settings as I need reverse due to my questionable driving ability. DRRS is set at 5, I'm not convinced I can tell the difference whether it's set low or high so the middle is fine by me. I've got +10 timing on the motor and a further +22.5 timing through the ESC, using the stock 24t pinion and spur this seems to be ok, the ESC doesn't get hot at all and the motor is acceptably warm after a full run. It's all being powered by a 5000mah 40c 2s stick lipo.

Steering servo is a Savox metal geared, coreless digital jobby after I stripped the gears on the Savox plastic geared one I had on the first run, I didn't even crash but the ground was quite rough and bumpy. Transmitter is a basic Spektrum something or other with the receiver that came with it.

Overall, the car is a lot of fun. I doubt I will go back to nitro after this, the simplicity of electric means I can pop out for a session at short notice and not worry about winding up the public with the noise of a nitro engine.

The kit itself was also very easy to put together and the quality is decent too considering the price. It's very robust aswell, I've taken it to the skatepark and BMX track to do some pretty stupid jumps and I haven't broken anything so far.

If any one has any tips on set up of the car or the ESC or even the motor I would love to hear them.

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Old 04-07-2014
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All sounds good to me. The only thing i would change are the pistons to 4 hole and springs to Losi bigbore yellow rear and blue front.
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Old 05-07-2014
thelazydonkey thelazydonkey is offline
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Nice, I'm gonna rebuild the shocks tomorrow so I'll swap out for 4 hole pistons. Changing the springs does sound like a good idea, it is a bit stiff at the moment.

I seem to have found a weak area though, the rear hubs and bearings are quite fragile but cheap enough to replace so no big deal really. Does anyone know if there are higher quality bearings available that are a straight swap?

I'm having a bit of trouble with the motor and esc now unfortunately. I wanted to try out the stock1 software and now it cogs on start up. It only does it with the car on the ground, not when the car is lifted. I don't seem to be able to make it any better no matter what settings I try. I've tried going to smaller pinions and reducing the timing manually on the motor but still no improvement. I'm gonna try going back to mod2 software and I've got a new sensor lead on the way just incase.
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