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Old 09-04-2018
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Default Getting back into the hobby

Hello there!

Feels good to be back... I have been out of the hobby for about 3 years, thought I'd try and get back into it. I'll soon be in the market for a new RC once I've sold my current ones (Xray 808 .28 and Mini Erevo). I've owned quite a few over the years such as the Revo 3.3 and original ERevo, HPI Vorza, and a Kyosho Mega Force back in the day.

So as soon as I decided I wanted to get back into RC, I headed straight to the Traxxas site to see if they'd released anything new in the past few years. I was greeted with the new ERevo 2.0, and I thought it looked pretty good, even though it is pretty expensive. I enjoyed my old ERevo I sold a long time ago, however I did feel that even on 6s it didn't have the blistering speed a was after.

I then had a look over at HPI, but nothing new. I enjoyed driving the Vorza when I had it - I was actually using the Castle 2650kv motor on 6s for insane speed, which was not recommended as the motor could frequently exceed 60,000rpm if I remember correctly.

Whilst googling Traxxas, I noticed that they've become involved with a manufacturer called Arrma. After doing a bit of researching I am left with a slightly sour taste in my mouth regarding Traxxas. I also did some research on this company that was new to me, and I gotta say Arrma make some kick-ass kits! I was very surprised, and now the ERevo 2.0 has taken a back seat in my mind.

So! Apologies for the long intro, I've now got my sights set on an Arrma vehicle! Having researched them all extensively, I STILL can't figure out which one will suit me best... Price is not necessary an object if it is justified. I've "narrowed" my choice down to these:

- Nero (w/ diff brain)
- hard to get in UK, spares availability?
- heaviest therefore slowest?

- Kraton
- Looks decent, heard the Talion is faster

- Outcast (found one used for £350)
- Similar to Kraton, marketed as more of a 'fun' truck
- not really liking the stock bodyshell

- Talion
- Leaning towards this the most, potentially fastest.
- But looks like the cheapest (eg. no mudguards or centre brace) but is more expensive than Kraton?

- Fazon (can't find in UK)

Avoiding the Typhon as I'd like a change from buggies.

And that's my dilemma! I just can't decided which one to invest in. I don't race, only bash - typically in my local park which has a bit of everything, including asphalt. I'm terrible at making up my mind, so any help would be truly appreciated.

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Old 11-04-2018
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Having been out of the hobby for 8 years, I don't understand why brushless vehicles have only now become mainstream. Why is everyone treating it like it's the new thing?

8 years ago I was running the E-Revo and HPI Vorza, both on 6s lipo. 8 years later and it seems nothing's changed, apart from the lipo discharge rate has improved slightly. Prices are still the same, performance is still the same, why the hype? Everyone's raving about crazy 6s power, but it's been around for nearly a decade... Am I missing something?
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