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Old 13-04-2017
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Default Losi diff gears, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0.

Right chaps, I think I've narrowed down my mysterious problem on my truggy to a worn ring/crown gear, it's a Losi 8ight-T*2.0
I've found some that I know will fit, which are about £35... They're obviously not that great as mine have given up pretty easily.
I've found the TLR versions (meant for the 3.0) it says they are machined better and mesh better for smoother performance and harder wearing, I have found these in the UK at 19quid for the pair, so not only are they better and newer, they're nearly half the price.
The current gear set I have is 10/43, the TLR 3.0 ones are 12/47... Can anyone confirm whether they'll work?
I've tried Googling it, but nothing has really come up about them fitting in the 2.0.
I've even tried Amains live chat and they told me to call Horizon.. I've even looked for pictures of both just to try and visually see if the diff houses and stuff look the same, but can't get enough info to make me buy.
Don't want to waste the 19quid if they don't fit, especially as I'd then need to spend another £35 anyway,*but they look much better than the 2.0 versions.
The ones currently fitted are LOSA3510 and LOSA3508 and the ones I want to fit are*TLR24201.
Can anyone confirm either way please?

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Old 26-06-2018
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i so have this problem in poland
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