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Old 04-07-2014
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Default Announcements

Taken from the club website:


For those of you that missed last Wednesday, here is a summary of the announcements:
  • The hall will be closed for resurfacing the first 2 weeks of August. We will not be racing on the 6th and 13th of August 2014.
  • When we return on the 20th we will no longer be racing on the polished floor.
Due to a combination of factors, we are damaging the hall floor significantly more than we used to and the hall committee has said enough is enough. They want us to stay, but they have mandated that we must cover the floor completely. The 30 year era of polished floor racing at the FORCC is coming to an end. It’s a sad day but instead of focusing on the negatives we’re pushing forward with the positives. We are currently investigating different options to cover the floor. All we can tell you at the moment is that we do not want to run on carpet (although that may be an interim solution).
  • The other announcement is regarding the Winter Series. Note that I said ‘Winter Series’ and not ‘Triple Crown’… There will not be a Triple Crown this year. This is due to increased restrictions imposed by the school, alternative venues falling through and logistics that are proving increasingly difficult. We will however be running a Winter Series like we did before we started the Triple Crown. It will be in Boughton on our new surface. Dates to be confirmed in due course.
So there you have it, Just 4 weeks left to fill your boots with polished floor racing before we have to bid it a fond farewell.

FORCC 2.0 launches on the 20th of August 2014
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