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Old 29-12-2018
glenn french glenn french is offline
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Default Tamiya tt01 trucks

We have started racing tamiya tt01 trucks at local club indoors on carpet have anyone got any setup tips at the minute all are standard out of the box
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Old 29-12-2018
Brighton27 Brighton27 is offline
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Hi Glenn, we are going to run ours as kit with the exception of bearings and yeah racing m05 shock kit. No steering mods or anything as yet.
There is talk of allowing inserts for the tyres but haven’t got that far yet. Stock motor and either tamiya esc or the hobbywing 1060 if you want the lipo cut off.
No matter what you do, it will always be a crap tt01, so why bother spending loads on it lol

We will have a heat at Norwich in the new year if you fancy it
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Old 29-12-2018
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were having loads of fun at louth with trucks
we dont allow oil shocks just kit plastic ones we allow free options on inserts ,I dont even glue my tires on
popular tweak is 1/2 million weight oil in front diff thin grease in rear.bearing kits are allowed and upgrade alloy propshaft
popular choice for inserts in complete narrow mini pin touring car tyres or people just experimenting with 4wd buggy front blue inserts

we also allow additive on tyres
regards dave
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Old 04-01-2019
RCvet RCvet is offline
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I raced a few on black carpet, the only thing that made any real difference at our place was gluing about 3/4 of sidewall with CA glue if your track allows and running 1 million fluid in the front differential. Then learn to drive it on two wheels. Often when it starts to tip more throttle is the answer if you can run the heavy fluid in your diff.

And no braking mid turn.

Other than that our club hot shoes can take a bone stock one and beat us all so who knows. We also use traction compound but some guys did not. It was one of the few race series as of late where there was not a clear formula that was better.

Start with heavier goop of some sort in front diff if you are allowed. And they reward smoothness due to be so top heavy, constantly fighting traction rolling on carpet.

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