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Old 31-12-2012
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Default 201x diff

I have had a tamiya 201 for around a year now and the diff has never worked properly.
Originally it had standard balls and a standard thrust race in, this was okay but abit granchy.
Once they died i replaced them with rudebits balls, hc thrust race, new diff plates, new vega gear and the vega thrust race grease and diff grease.
It seems to me that the diff has to be done up very tight before it doesn't slip, this obviously isnt right and still feels clicky, maybe im doing something wrong? Any response would be much appreciated.

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Old 31-12-2012
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I have seen on some diff's that the thrust washer had/has broken/cracked and this allows the adjuster screw to move. Also the clutch should have some slip as you pull away under full power. Had no issues with mine yet but i do try and clean the exterior parts after every run.

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