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Old 31-12-2012
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Default TRF502x with #54118 WO Universal Shaft problem


recently I bought the #54119 and #54118 WO Universal Shafts. The rear WO Universal Shaft fits perfectly but the front #54118 WO Universal Shaft not because the wheel axle is 1mm aprox. shorter.
I have the #54063 TRF501X Aluminum Caster Block (12║) and the problem is when screwing the two pieces (caster block and the Front Upright included in the #54118 set) the whole movement becomes very hard and the servo can't move it. I would like to continue using the 3Racing 501X-02/LB Aluminum Knuckle Arm (and the #54063 caster block) but it is designed to be used with two 1050 ball bearings (the #54118 uses one 950 and one 1050 ball bearings) and, as I say, the included in #54118 is very hard to move.

Anyone have this problem?

Best regards,
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